Minding your business is what we do. At Mafost Marketing, we approach every project like it’s our own business.

Mafost Marketing a Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

We specialize in startups and small businesses.

Returning Client Review "Going to Matt for my website needs. I won't trust anyone else with my brand." Digital Marketing with Mafost.
Client Review, January 2024 – Lead Funnel Design

At Mafost Marketing, we believe in the boundless potential of every small business. That’s why we’re your one-stop shop for digital domination. From crafting websites that turn heads to generating leads that fuel growth, we’ve got your back.

Need content that captivates and converts? We’ll weave words that work. PPC ads that pack a punch? We’ll target your audience with laser precision. Social media that sizzles?

Customer Review "I was shocked at how little I knew about my own business until Matt's Analysis" Mafost Marketing SWOT Analysis
Client Review, February 2024 – SEO Audit and Website SWOT Analysis

We’ll ignite your online community. And it doesn’t stop there. We’re your brand growth consultants, shaping your message and fostering loyalty that lasts.

So, ditch the digital doldrums and join the Mafost movement. With us by your side, your small business won’t just survive, it will thrive.

Vast Experience Helping Businesses in Niche Markets

From concrete contractors in Iowa to organic skincare in the UK, we’ve the experience to help any small business grow from startup to tiny to small to big!

Here’s a sampling of our client-base:

  • Law Firm specializing in traffic stops in New York.
  • Dallas chiropractors who serve car accident injuries.
  • Educators turned speakers and book authors.
  • Lead funnels for real estate agents in Virginia and real estate staffing in Germany.
  • Website design and advertising for a solar panel startup in Puerto Rico.
  • Advertising and lead funnels Cruise ship vacation sales in Florida.
  • Online real estate schools.
  • Financial advisors in Canada and the US.
  • Life coach in Mexico.
  • Travel vloggers in the Bahamas.
  • Universities in Uganda, Texas, and New Jersey.
  • Nonprofits in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Indiana.
  • Educational companies in New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, and Virginia.

The list goes on, but one thread is common throughout our experience. Since 1997 we’ve built websites and executed marketing strategies for hyper-niched local and online small businesses.

And when you hire us, that experience is yours.

About Matt Foster

Matt Foster, the mastermind behind Mafost Marketing, is on a mission to empower small businesses with digital marketing muscle.

From razor-sharp website designs to lead-generating strategies that pack a punch, Matt’s got your online presence covered. Need content that captivates? PPC ads that convert? Social media that sizzles? Consider it done. Matt doesn’t just build brands, he propels them to growth. With a team of Mafost design pros and analytics geeks behind every project, get ready to unleash your small business potential with Matt Foster and Mafost Marketing.

Mafost Marketing's Founder, Matt Foster a marketer who specializes in startups and small businesses.

Matt’s Credentials

Certified Digital Marketer
2024 Hubspot Certified SEO Level 1
2024 Hubspot Certified SEO Level 2
2024 Semrush Certified Marketing Strategy
2024 High-Impact Digital Advertising Campaigns
2024 Claros Academy Communications Certified
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History of Mafost Marketing
Hey, Matt here. I’m a former public school teacher and certified school principal who started my own online business in 2017.

Business was good.

I retired and started sailing the world (see my YouTube channel @thefosterjourney).

During COVID my former colleagues (consultants, authors, principals, and public speakers) in education needed help transitioning their businesses online. Things were tight with schools shut down and educational companies were starving for better online platforms, better marketing, and bottom-line revenue.

I was one of the few go-to people in this niche.

Since that time, I’ve helped small businesses, startups, and freelance professionals in multiple countries across various industries.

Doing Your Due Diligence
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