Average PPC Costs by Industry - Research and latest stats.

General PPC Average Costs

Here’s the short answer, then we’ll dig into specific costs and industry-level PPC costs.

What are the average costs for PPC?

  • Startups: Expect to pay between $75 to $1,000 per month.
  • Small businesses: Costs may range from $5 to $10,000+ per month.
  • Mid-sized businesses: Budgets can extend from $5,000 to $50,000 monthly.

PPC costs for managing ads typically range from $79 to over $10,000 per month on average in 2024. That’s on top of the ad budget. Businesses usually pay $0.11 to $0.50 per click and $0.51 to $1.00 per 1000 impressions on platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads1. PPC management from an agency costs an average of $501 to $3000 per month.

Those are the typical minimums for small businesses and startups. For most Pro or Standard level PPC management plans, the average costs are:

  • Monthly cost: $100 or 15% of ad spend, whichever is higher
  • Ad spend (paid to ad networks): $5,000 to $30,000/month

You’ll notice the Pro-level PPC costs depend on a solid ad budget. For most startups running on $5-$100 per day, we recommend they use an agency that specializes in smaller budgets. If you want to manage some aspects of you advertising in-house to save money, you should check out this quick article in our Help Hub, Advertising Basics.

Of course, the average cost of PPC can vary based on the specific business. Let’s look at some industry specifics.

Average Cost of PPC Management ranges from $79 per month to over $10k per month. Here are the stats for specific industry verticals.
Screenshot from a Google Search show the range of PPC Management Prices

Average Cost of PPC by Industry

Real Estate

Real Estate Ad Costs – On average agencies charge $1000 onboarding fees and average monthly fees are $2500. Many agencies charge 10-15% of total ad spend. Average ad spend is $10k monthly. The minimum ad budget is $1,000 with $2000-$3000 per month a recommended minimum level2.

E-Commerce and Online Retail

E-commerce Ad Costs – Online retail ad costs vary based on platform (i.e. Amazon PPC vs Google Shopping vs Website Traffic), but here are the average ad costs. With an ad budget of $5000-$30,000 expect to spend $1000 or 15% of ad spend (whichever is higher). Most E-commerce PPC packages require a minimum ad spend of $5000.3

Financial Services

This sector encompasses a wide range of financial activities, including investment advice, insurance sales, retirement planning, and wealth management.

Financial Services Ad Costs – With an ad budget of $2,000-$6,000, expect to spend an average of $1,000-$2,000 per month with onboarding fees raning from $500-$2,000. Agency costs in this industry are almost always hidden behind a free consultation request. There are more regulations in the Financial Services ad space, so expect to pay 10-30% more for PPC services.

Remember that these figures are averages, and actual costs can vary based on your unique requirements and the expertise of the agency or freelancer you choose. If you’re considering PPC management, it’s essential to tailor the approach to your specific goals and budget.

CPC Costs Per Industry

Average CPC (Cost Per Click) ad costs by industry sectors sorted by highest to lowest average CPC.4

  • $8.67 Attorneys and Legal
  • $6.49 Dental Services
  • $5.75 Home & Home Improvement
  • $5.16 Finance & Insurance
  • $4.90 Business Services
  • $4.18 Education
  • $4.14 Industrial & Commercial
  • $3.97 Health & Fitness
  • $3.90 Career & Employment
  • $3.74 Beauty and Personal Care
  • $3.63 Physicians
  • $3.46 Personal Services (Weddings, Cleaners, etc)
  • $3.19 Automotive Services
  • $2.89 Animals and Pets
  • $2.32 Automotive Sales
  • $2.23 Shopping
  • $2.14 Furniture
  • $1.77 Restaurants & Food
  • $1.73 Sports & Recreation
  • $1.60 Arts and Entertainment
  • $1.40 Real Estate
  • $1.40 Travel

And here’s the same average CPC costs by industry sector, but this time it’s sorted alphabetically.

  • Arts and Entertainment $1.60
  • Animals and Pets $2.89
  • Attorneys and Legal $8.67
  • Automotive Sales $2.32
  • Automotive Services $3.19
  • Beauty and Personal Care $3.74
  • Business Services $4.90
  • Career & Employment $3.90
  • Dental Services $6.49
  • Education $4.18
  • Finance & Insurance $5.16
  • Furniture $2.14
  • Health $ Fitness $3.97
  • Home & Home Improvement $5.75
  • Industrial & Commercial $4.14
  • Personal Services (Weddings, Cleaners, etc) $3.46
  • Physicians $3.63
  • Real Estate $1.40
  • Restaurants & Food $1.77
  • Shopping $2.23
  • Sports & Recreation $1.73
  • Travel $1.40

What to Expect with Various PPC Budgets

The world of PPC agencies can be a confusing one for small businesses and startups, especially when it comes to PPC pricing (See Our Packages). The truth is, there’s a wide range because the level of service and expertise can vary greatly. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect at different budget levels.

Budget-Friendly, Below Average PPC Costs

Budget-Friendly PPC: These services are often ideal for startups with limited marketing budgets. They typically involve a smaller team managing the campaigns, with a focus on core platforms like Google Ads. You can expect basic keyword research, ad creation, and campaign monitoring, but with less frequent optimizations and reporting.

Average PPC Costs for Small Business

Mid-Tier PPC: This is a sweet spot for many growing businesses. You’ll get a more dedicated team with broader expertise in PPC platforms like Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads, allowing for more targeted campaigns. Expect ongoing keyword research, ad copywriting A/B testing, and regular performance reports with data-driven adjustments.

What to Expect from Above-Average Cost of PPC Services

Premium PPC: For businesses with significant budgets and complex marketing goals, premium PPC offers the most comprehensive support. A larger team of specialists will handle everything from competitor analysis and advanced keyword research to landing page optimization and conversion tracking. You’ll benefit from the latest PPC strategies and constant campaign monitoring to maximize your return on ad spend.

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