Pricing for PPC Packages

We offer flexible options, tailored to specific goals for Pay Per Click Advertising. Select the PPC Management package based on your marketing objectives or contact us for a custom quote.



Objective: Generate traffic growth from Google Ads using search ads, image ads across the web/apps, and 5-15 second video commercials.

Best for Ad Budgets $150-$2500/mth

Initial Account Optimization Fee $300



Objective: Traffic growth from multiple ad platforms.

Best for Ad Budgets $2500-$9000/mth

Protilt Funnel Platform with AB testing and conversion data dashboard.

Initial Account Optimization Fee $750

Pro Plus

of Ad Spend

Plus $250 per platform.

Objective 1: Traffic growth from multiple ad platforms.

Objective 2: Website growth with domain and keyword analytics dashboard.

Best for Ad Budgets $9000-$25,000*

Protilt full-access for unlimited funnel building.

Full data dashboard for on-demand traffic reports, ad research, and competitor research.

During our initial consultation, we’ll provide a custom quote if your ad budget exceeds $25k/mth.

Initial Account Optimization Fee $1,500

Features of Each PPC Ad Package

FeaturesLite (Base Features)Pro (includes Lite Features)Pro Plus (includes Lite + Pro)
No. of Ad Platforms1MultipleMultiple
SupportAd Management
Initial Email Consultation
Video Consultation
On-Demand Email Support
Monthly Zoom Call
Microsoft Teams or Slack Integration
Analysis TypesMonthly Ad Snapshot
Website SWOT
Lite, and…
Bi-Weekly Ad Insights
SEO Analysis
2 Competitor Analyses
Pro, and…
Weekly Ad Insights
Historical SEO Data on Competitors back to 2012
StrategySingle-Channel, Google Ads
Multi-Layered Campaigns
ReportingMonthly SummaryProtilt AB Testing Dashboard
Lead Form Conversions
Headline AB Testing Results
Keyword Canabalization Report
Scheduled PDFs Emailed Weekly
Full Seo and Traffic Dashboard with on-demand reports for:
Competitor analysis
Keyword research
Website audit
Backlink analysis
OptimizationsOngoing Ad Updates to Creative and CopyAdvanced Bidding Strategy
Audience Retargeting
Weekly Creative Updates
Advanced Audience Retargeting
Advanced Platform Tools based on Ad Budget

Monthly Website SWOT Analysis

Why It’s Necessary for PPC Ad Management

PPC Puzzle Missing a Piece? Website SWOT Holds the Key.

Monthly Website SWOT Analysis with PPC Package by Mafost Marketing

PPC Benefits of the SWOT Analysis

Regularly assess your website’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to find untapped potential for improved traffic and conversions.

  • Identify Growth Opportunities
  • Refine Your PPC Strategy
  • Align your PPC campaigns with your website’s strengths and address weaknesses that might hinder performance.
  • Proactively anticipate and address threats to your website’s visibility and ranking, ensuring your PPC campaigns remain effective.
  • Make informed decisions about website improvements and PPC campaign adjustments based on objective data gathered through the analysis.
  • Increased ROI: Continuously improve your website’s performance, ultimately leading to a better return on investment for your PPC spend.

Pro and Pro Plus Packages Extend PPC Efforts into Your Overall Traffic Strategy

How Key Reports and Analyses Drive Growth

Stop Guessing, Start Growing: The Power of Data-Driven Decisions.

AB Testing Dashboard with ProTilt with PPC Package

The Pro Plus Traffic Dashboard

See how your PPC campaigns stack up against competitors, identify untapped keyword opportunities, pinpoint website weaknesses, and evaluate your backlink profile – all in one intuitive dashboard.

This dashboard alone, is worth the investment in outsourcing advertising with us at Mafost Marketing!

This real-time visibility empowers you to make data-driven decisions, optimize your campaigns for maximum impact, and stay ahead of the curve. Ditch the guesswork and embrace the power of instant insights – launch your business to new heights with this comprehensive monitoring tool.

Mafost Marketing Suite on Protilt

Your core funnels start here.

Unleash the full potential of your PPC ads with a data-driven testing trifecta: Landing Page Design, Headlines, and Lead Forms. All built on our Protilt platform.

Imagine fine-tuning each element, ensuring every click lands on a conversion machine.

A/B tests reveal visitor preferences, guiding you to the perfect design layout, attention-grabbing headlines, and frictionless forms that maximize conversions. Treat clicks like precious gems; each test polishes one facet, transforming them into high-value leads. This iterative process doesn’t just bring results, it accelerates them, turning your PPC campaign into a streamlined conversion engine.

Industry Costs for PPC in 2024

For detailed costs, budgets, and averages, you can view full PPC stats and average costs for PPC. Above are the PPC management prices we offer. Below are some stats that you show know before going head-first into your PPC ad campaigns.1

In 2023, the average ad spend across industries was $485 billion.2

CPC Averages by Major Industries

  • $1-$2 Travel
  • $1-$3 Shopping & Retail
  • $2-$4 Automotive Sales
  • $3-$5 Health & Fitness
  • $4-$5 Finance & Industry
  • $7-$9 Attorneys & Legal Services

Lead Generation Averages by Major Industries

More than just an email address, these data represent qualified leads generated from detailed lead forms.

  • $15-$30 Automotive Repair Services
  • $25-$40 Beauty & Personal Care
  • $40-$50 Industrial & Commercial
  • $60-$80 Finance & Insurance
  • $70-$90 Attorneys & Legal Services

Advertising Research at Your Fingertips with Pro and Pro Plus PPC Management

Ever feel like you’re fighting in the dark when it comes to paid search? Our Pro and Pro Plus plans place the data at your fingertips. Actionable insights to beat industry benchmarks.

Advertising research reports can be your secret weapon, offering intel on your closest competitors and their every move. Uncover the keywords they’re bidding on (and the ones they’re overlooking), analyze their live ad examples, and gain insights into their strategies.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Dive deeper by analyzing keyword data like cost-per-click (CPC) and competitive density. This intel empowers you to make informed decisions, plan targeted campaigns, and conduct insightful audits. Think of it as an X-ray for your competitor’s PPC strategy, giving you the knowledge to outmaneuver them and secure more clicks at better rates. Studies show that businesses utilizing competitor research tools see a 20% increase in average conversion rates and a 15% reduction in cost-per-lead. Isn’t it time you joined the winning side?

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